The Music Box Installation Instructions



  1. Unzip <plugin>.zip. There are 2 separate folders contained within “Sampler Instruments” (Containing the Folder BAD CAT), and “<PLUGIN NAME>”.

  2. Open a new Finder window and navigate to: HD/Library/Application Support/Logic.

  3. Place the Folder “THE MUSIC BOX” (containing audio files) into the Folder marked “EXS Factory Samples”
    [HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/EXS Factory Samples]

    *Note- In the event that you have you store your Samples in a different location, simply place them accordingly

  4. Place the Folder “BAD CAT” (Contained within “Sampler instruments” in this download folder) into the Folder marked “Sampler Instruments” on your system
    [HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments]

  5. Simply Launch Logic, create a session and open an instance of EXS 24, Scroll down to BAD CAT / The music Box to load the patch and Enjoy!
    *Note- If the patch is not visible within EXS 24, you may need to refresh.






  1. Unzip <plugin>.zip and place unzipped contents wherever you wish on your hard drive or external drive. For instance, you may want to place it in Kontakt 4 Library.

  2. Open Kontakt in standalone or in your preferred DAW and use the “Files” tab to browse to that location on your hard drive or external drive.

  3. Click on the BAD CAT > THE MUSIC BOX > BASIC INSTRUMENT then double click THE MUSIC BOX.nki and enjoy!